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St. Trotsky must mean a lot to you

Posted by: Lark on December 09, 1999 at 13:24:05:

In Reply to: Positions posted by Stoller on December 08, 1999 at 20:52:59:

: We ALREADY have consensus on capitalism. What is needed is CLEAR positions on socialism so we can know what to fight FOR---and how.

Dont be stupid, the people who support capitalism do so for a million different reasons without this ever being a threat to capitalisms existence but you seem to think that's not the case with socialism, why?

: Your position that 'some' inequality after the revolution is OK is a stance I'll NEVER agree to. It's too much like all the crap Stalin said.

No, I think your hearing someone from the real world who doesnt believe Marx etc. like the Pope believes in Christ but knows from his experience that something is wrong and you dont like it.

: BTW---at the risk of ruining your day---did you see this post? Crick went splat.

I read that, I thought it was incredible that you would go to such lengths to clear Trotsky's name, St. Trotsky must mean a lot to you Barry I think you'll find he doesnt mean that much to everyone else so if you ever want to be more attractive than the mormons lose the puesdo-religious zeal and check out alternatives.

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