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Posted by: Copenhagen on December 09, 1999 at 13:33:15:

In Reply to: In memory of Norman Morrison posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on December 08, 1999 at 17:26:21:

Sorry young fellow but your reasoning's gone awry somewhere along the line, perhaps i can help to get you back on track.

Consider this. For a country to sell weapons of murder to a bloodthristy tyrant is akin to handing a mass murderer a loaded automatic assault rifle in a shopping mall. In either case you have blood upon your hands. It is morally outrageous to suggest otherwise.

At any rate the US is signatory to a variety of human rights treaties by implication selling guns to tyrants violates these commitments.(YEs the US is a member of the international community).

The second point you raise is to suggest that people carry guns as a means of self-protection. That such measures do not work can be attested to merely by a quick glance at any US paper to see where the last mass murder took place (4 dead in Oklahoma wasn't it, but then there's propbly already been another mass murder).

I haven't really given very deep consideration to your arguments because i find it hard to believe that any rational actor could hold such perverse views.

: : Even tin gods ought to be treated with respect once in a while.
: : But this last post only shows all to well how undivine you are, how uhh, well, looney a tin God can be.
: : I see no reason why those who live in other countries ought not to be treated like adults. If they want to commit murder against their fellow countryman with weapons they bought from the US, well, good hunting, I say. The solution is to encourage the citizens of those countries of the benefits of having a Second Amendment to protect themselves with. We all know, after all, how governments can and do become tyrannical. But the duty of the US is to it's citizens, not to the citizens of another land.

: : Besides, I've got a hunch that if the US were to send troops in to protect the citizentry from a brutal and repressive government there'd be lots of concern on college campi.
: : Remember Viet-Nam?
: : It's ironic, but given the history of college students and their craven support of Ho, I wouldn't be a bit surprised that if the US did send troops into some third world banana republic the college students in America would stand up for the dictator instead of the people.
: : Then bug out for Canada.
: : Right Nickel Jack?

: Are you serious man? During the Vietnam War, the United States killed three million Vietnamese so that the rest could live udner the slavery of Air Vice Marshal Ky, the confessed Nazi sympathizer. Babies in Vietnam are STILL being born underweight anmd with birth defects from Agent Orange that we poured into their country. Not to mention the ruined environement and agriculture that was a direct result fo American chemical warfare against the people of Viet Nam.

: Ho Chi Minh stood for the liberation and self determination of the Vietnamese people. His Vietnamese revolution was directly inspired by the US Declaration of Independence; check the declaration immediately after World War II if you don't believe me. After suffering greatly all his life for the cuause. after being scorned by the notorious racist Woodrwow Wilson at VErsailles. he died with a picture of John Brown, the American antislavery hero on hsi desk. Between a follower of John Brown (Ho) and an apostle of Adolf Hitler (Ky) I don't have to tell you who I'd rather support. After the war, Vietnam took up the slack and liberated Cambodia, which no one else was willing to do, from the racist Stalinist barbarism of Pol Pot. The US< typically, preferred to support the Cambodian genocide against the Vietnamese.

: Let's face it, we were on the wrong side in that war. We owe the Vietnamese reparations and apologies, though i doub't we'll ever give them. As such, anyone who opposed the war in any way, shape or form deserevs our support and admiration. PARTICULARLY men like Norman Morrison, the young Quaker who burned himself alive so that Vietnam might be free from American domination. His memory shall not be forgotten.

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