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You'll never have complete equality.

Posted by: Lark on December 09, 1999 at 13:33:26:

Complete Equality.

Yes, that sounds good on propaganda intended for internal consumption.
Yes, that's great at sect meetings where everyone thinks the same.
Yes, it makes you sound good and militant.

But is it art?

If your going to have complete equality your going to have to organise every aspect of human life, did I say organise? I meant control because organisation by consensus or agreement will diminish all inequality but it wont eradicate it, not just wages.

Waht if we all earned the same but spent it differently? And in doing so made different CHOICES the results wouldnt be equal or same would they? What if these results meant I had a beefburger while someone else had a magazine in food terms I'm 'more equal' than magazine guy.

Now you could try and control all this if you didnt mind tyranny but we all know Socialism Cant Survive In The Shadow Of a Gunman, Freedom Cant survive in the shadow of a gunman.

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