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You're as bad as any fascist, Barry.

Posted by: MDG on December 09, 1999 at 16:15:50:

In Reply to: Questioning job rotation; 'some' inequality can't be far behind posted by Stoller on December 09, 1999 at 10:25:29:

: I have ALWAYS suspected that job rotation---as a general principle---tends to seperate the real socialists from the petty-bourgeios socialists (who anticipate enjoying the skilled positions that their college 'prepares' them for in EITHER the capitalist or the socialist world).

So in other words, if I dare ask a single question about your planned socialist revolution, I'm the enemy? What should I do instead, shut up and do as I'm told? If I can't ask you questions with being excoriated as some enemy of the people, then frankly, any answer you give isn't worth listening to. You better wake up, Barry. Those proletariats you're expecting to come flocking to your side will have questions. What are you going to do, berate them all and exclude them? Your narrow-mindedness is stunning, as I find you as dangerous as any neo-nazi skinhead or religious fundamentalist.

: : Then I suppose there's that nagging question of freedom. Would you force someone to do a task they don't want to do? I know, I know, it's happening now due to The General Injustice of the System, but aren't you relying too much on people's willingness to cooperate for the good of all? I guess I'm being cynical, but I can only see job rotation, and other communal ways of life, happening in relatively small tribes, as opposed to the super-tribes we're all condemned to live in now.

: Please see this post to see the sentimental notion of a UNIFORM 'freedom' go splat---and then this post to realize that socialism will not be a utopia, rather it will simply be SOCIALISM.

I prefer Utopia.

: : Then again, I'm a misanthropic agnostic who desperately wants the Messiah to return in order to end all human suffering, so what do I know?

: If you can't take the time to read Marx, not much, probably.

I know you seem to lack any sense of humor, and that by itself makes me want to have nothing to do with you and your "vanguard."

McSpotlight: Look, could we stop calling everyone Fascists until they actually start wearing swastikas and goose-stepping; it's not a token which helps any debate, as the emotion associated with the term is not conducive to rational debate.

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