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Hold the malarkey and pass the mayo.

Posted by: MDG on December 09, 1999 at 16:17:03:

In Reply to: More Malarkey posted by Chuck on December 09, 1999 at 14:38:54:

: : : Justice? Justice for whom? Which class?

: : Jesus, how can you ask that? Is it good if murder, carnage and brutality is carried out by workers but not their employers or the working class but not the (imagined) bourgousie?

: So the bourgeoisie is imaginary now? What a liberal load of crap! And don't call me Jesus.

: : Justice is justice. It is for all and by that I mean all humanity regardless of rank or status or political affiliation. Lose that hatred please.

: Liberal gibberish. Haven't you noticed that the bourgeoisie rules in the name of "justice", "freedom", "the people" etc.? Open your mind.

Any ruler who rules in the name of justice and freedom, but who oppresses people, is a scoundrel, regardless of the political label they wear (or you slap on them).

: : : :When you find common ground with someone, you ought to work to achieve it.

: : : Common ground with people who advocate "some inequality"? You can count this wage-slave out. I'm tired of liberals and their bourgeois political fads.

I guess you're talking about me with that "some inequality" remark. When did I ever advocate that? Anyway, I've got news for you: as Lark pointed out in another post, you'll never get rid of all inequality. You'll never have perfection. From one wage slave to another, you'd better face the facts that human existence will be wrought with inequality and brutality and all those other things people deplore. The best we can do is minimize, as much as possible, the bad.

: : Very smart, can we count out all your colleagues then? How many of your work mates have been converted to trotskyist sects?

: Very stupid. If you want to rub shoulders with phony socialists, go right ahead. Me and my workmates will go on hating the bourgeoisie.

Hate away, but don't forget your antacids.

: : : :I, for example, am very sympathetic to much of what you advocate, but instead of working with me, you've chosen to berate me for not sharing absolutely ALL of your convictions. Do you think that's the way to get me to see things your way? Sorry, but that's the way to drive people away, people who are your natural allies, never mind your opponents. Like I said earlier, you better learn who your friends are before you're left playing all alone.

: : : Do me a favor: instead of lecturing Barry, why don't you debate him?

: : What will we debate? Everytime opposition is made we're called 'liberals' in a dismissive fashion and that's that.

: Please debate instead of running away with your tail between your legs.

Umm...Lark and I are both still here, Chuck.

: I rather enjoy watching Barry make you and the other phony socialists on this board squirm.

That's not squirming, that's sad amazement.

MDG, the phony leather shoes socialist.

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