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Without much facts to go on, Lark goes on anyway

Posted by: Stoller on December 10, 1999 at 00:26:55:

In Reply to: I disagree posted by Lark on December 08, 1999 at 18:39:06:

: : I've been really insulted that you insist that those who support revolutionary practices (as defined by Lenin) are Stalinists---as you've called me. Your claims are just as emotional---and erroneous---as Frenchy's. You deserve the comparison.

: I disagree, there's the evidence of Kronstadt and the repression of the oppositional left etc.

Kronstadt was considered a mistake (in part), the N.E.P. originated out of it (an admission that the peasant's grievances were legitimate). Trotsky publically admitted the error of the Bolshevik suppression of the Kronstadt rebellion in his The Stalin School of Falsification, Pioneer Publishers 1937, p. 313. Nevertheless, the uprising was instigated by counterrevolutionary SRs who, attempting to restore capitalist relations, deserved what they got.

Your other claim is ridiculous, for it was Stalin who oppressed the left opposition.

P.S. Why is it I always have to do the research and you just get to blab wild claims without lifting a finger to confirm them first?

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