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I'm a student

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( DSA, MA,USA ) on December 10, 1999 at 15:06:23:

In Reply to: Who are you people? [A POLL] posted by MDG on December 09, 1999 at 17:59:42:

I'm a student, male, 19 years of age, from Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Yes, that wonderful state which originated public education, started teh American revolution, and voted for George McGovern.) Ny youth probably accounts for the fact that I can't publish polished theoretical arguments like Barry or SDF, mostly because I don't yet know what my own ideas totally are. For example, i can't really write apost on job rotation or some other aspect of the future utopia, because I don't fully know in my heart what I believe about, say, job rotation. My political views are often quite unstable, as you can see from my postings on this board, especially on Vietnam, where Red Deathy once castigated me for waffling. First i read the name, 'National Liberation Front', and the fact that Ho Chi Minh enjoyed 80% popular support, and died with a picture of John Brown on hsi deskk, and I was all for them. Then I read about the 3,000 killed at Hue, and I saw them as just another tragic movement that started with the highest intentions and gave in to the temptation of cruel, mindless violence. Then I read about the VC's policy of selective assassination as punsihment for crimes, as compared to terrorism as practiced by the American Militias or the PLO, and I was for them. Then I read about their persecution of the Cao Dai, and I was against. Then I read David Dellinger's account in 'Vietnam Revisited', and I was for 'em. Then I remembered a Chinese-Vietnamese refugee kid from my high school and I was against. Then I remembered my grandparents' stories about Calcutta renaming one of her streets, at teh height of the Vietnam War, 'Ho Chi Minh Sarani' and I figured, what's good enough for the CPIM is good enough for me. And so on. Maybe somr of you guys will inform me enough to help me decide about the Vietnamese socialists. (No, not you Doctor Cruel).

So in short, I'm not totally sure of what my own views specifically are. Only this- I won't ever give up socialism, because to abandon socialism means to leave behind hope, justice and equality.

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