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Don't slam the door on your way out

Posted by: Stoller on December 10, 1999 at 15:08:10:

In Reply to: Don't congratulate yourself just yet. posted by MDG on December 10, 1999 at 00:20:52:

: If this were the real world, this scene would have played out as follows: I, intrigued by your politics, attend one of your meetings for the first time. You and your comrades talk up a storm, and I either ask a few questions or, perhaps daringly, challenge you on a point. I'm greeted to a hailstorm of name-calling and angry denunciations, and I leave. As I do, you yell "Good Riddance!" and pat yourselves on the back, having succeeded in driving away a possible convert. THIS is how you plan to win your revolution? Answer away, but I'm already gone.

I present to you a bunch of posts that explain my position, mention that I find defenders of 'some' inequality suspect, and next thing you're calling me a fascist.

If this were the real world, you'd be talking to your four walls at home.

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