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Posted by: Lark on December 10, 1999 at 15:15:23:

In Reply to: Don't congratulate yourself just yet. posted by MDG on December 10, 1999 at 00:20:52:

: If this were the real world, this scene would have played out as follows: I, intrigued by your politics, attend one of your meetings for the first time. You and your comrades talk up a storm, and I either ask a few questions or, perhaps daringly, challenge you on a point. I'm greeted to a hailstorm of name-calling and angry denunciations, and I leave. As I do, you yell "Good Riddance!" and pat yourselves on the back, having succeeded in driving away a possible convert. THIS is how you plan to win your revolution? Answer away, but I'm already gone.

I know, the comparison with jehovas witnesses and Mormons, that is often drawn when dealing with the trots, is maybe wrong the trots dont want 'converts' or to persuade people, if they do they have a strange way of going about it, don't they?

Everyone ignores them anyway, with that kind of behaviour and the fact that they turn up at demos like the WTO protest in London and think it's smart to try and rough house with the police, juvenile revolutionists, it's not a wonder they've got the reputation of wreckers it's all they deserve.

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