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Socialist Incentive (or, What do you do with a T-72?))

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on December 11, 1999 at 21:21:03:

In Reply to: Socialist Incentive posted by Barry Stoller on December 10, 1999 at 20:44:11:

I like Stoller. He's honest. If it weren't for fellows like him, we'd have to stumble around with what exactly were the objectives of socialists.

Can you see from the previous missive how the "state capitalist" societies come into being? How otherwise moral and sensible people might be convinced to participate in organized acts of robbery and murder? "Society must be saved", after all, and these are of course the self-appointed heroes that we need. Whether they're wanted or not, of course - and we'd better want them, lest we be labeled as "lesser stock". We know what happens to them.

All this talk about bringing McDonald's to justice is so much window dressing. The ecological movement is similarly organized along the lines of any previous communist insurgency group (the book Masters of Deceit, by J.Edgar Hoover, is most informative). Whatever the issues discussed, whatever the stated intent of the activist group, the underlying objective is to gain control of those "means of production", and use them to coerce and manipulate those foolish enough to trust them.

The world is a dangerous place. Our freedom is never guaranteed, and there are many who enviously covet the goods of those who have moe than they. The challenge to our liberty is all the greater, when it is the property of others that we protect, or the freedom of others that we safeguard. Let us not repeat the failure of Vietnam. When we allow the poor nations, the smaller nations, to be swallowed up in this hatred for entrepreneurship ad business, we do more than condemn them to eternal primitivism and the rule of tyrants; we arm those who would stand against us with ignorance and fear, and invigorate them with the bitterness of our ambivilence and betrayal. It is this anguish that is the force behind those who stand against America - the despair amongst those enslaved to those on the Left, and anger at those who callously allow it to continue.

Let it not continue. May the disaster of Russia and Eastern Europe never be repeated. Never again, comrades.

"Doc" Cruel

P.S. Call me a fascist, Barry. G'wan. I dare ya.

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