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Posted by: Dr. Cruel on December 11, 1999 at 21:21:58:

In Reply to: Actually, this makes a lot of sense posted by Frenchy on December 10, 1999 at 21:59:31:

Actually, we've plenty of food - agricultural technology, fought tooth-and-nail by ecologists and other Leftists, was the means by which companies managed this trick. The problem is transportation and government acquiescence. The first problem has only beeen solved in either sufficiently small nations (like islands) or in capitalist states; the latter, unfortunately, is the product of a particularly gruesome communist trick - starving the opposition into submission. The U.S. government actually was forced at one point to pay taxes to Ethiopian communists to allow for the free transport of food to the starving people of Eritrea, a breakaway province. Somalia has armed gangs that live off the humanitarian aid programs in that nation. This pimarily was was the U.S. was attempting to change in their operations in that nation. Needless to say, much of the equipment used by the Somalian gangs were manufactured in Russia or China, back in the "good old days" of the Cold War.

India actually exports food, even with people starving on the streets of their major countries. Yet amongst the Hindu, the murder of a cow is a terrible sin. And so on.

No, Frenchy. People won't get fed if they can't pay for food (or aren't lucky enough to have coastal access to American aid ships). The only way to make their labor pay for all the infrastructure and transportation necessary to get them access to the overflowing world supply of food is entrepreneurial development, and (guess what?) free trade. The aristocrats and tyrants are well aware of this, and are also cognizant of the fact that poor, complacent peasants don't stay that way very long, once they're educated and have a decent income. That the Left makes common cause with these sorts of people is unconsciousable, given their rhetoric.

Japan had famines before their defeat by the U.S.; with their preset level of development, one would be hard put to find someone unemployed, let alone hungry. China, however, continued to have famines as late as the 1970's, and North Korea had a really bad one going on as late as last year. Vietnam's ability to poduce food continues to plummet, as the irrigation system put in place by U.S. AID workers continues to deteriorate.

No, Frenchy. "Veganism" isn't the solution - "Reaganism" is. Until communists allow businesses to do something about the underdeveloped nature of these nations, however, all the lettuce eating in the world won't do the poor and hungry one bit of good.

"Doc" Cruel

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