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Posted by: Bo Diddley on December 11, 1999 at 21:24:56:

In Reply to: Uh, yeah,...thanx,...I think....returning-deceased war veteran...hmmmmmmmmm..... posted by Frenchy on December 10, 1999 at 22:00:56:

: ...thanx,...I think....returning-deceased war veteran...hmmmmmmmmm.....

No problem! I'm going to be right here by your side, supporting your posts. That's a promise! It's really important for guys like you and me to show these smarty-pants communists they can't push us around! I was reading the liberal rag Washington Compost the other day and it had an article which actually supported the WTO protestors in Seattle! Can you imagine that? It's the liberal media which is ruining the world. They've forgotten everything from Economics 101. With columnists like that . . .oh what's her name? I forgot. But she's like all the rest, a little-miss-coddle-the-terrorists.

Anyway, her article was right next to two others in which spoke out against the terrorists mob in Seattle. That means 33.333333% of the Compost's columnists support terrorists!

With a liberal media like this, how are the very few conservative commentators--Thomas Sowell, George Will, Joseph Sobrahn, Patrick Buchanan, William Buckley, Rush Limbaugh--supposed to get a word in edgwise? With papers like the Washington Compost and the New York Crimes, how are fine institutions like like The American Heritage Institute, the Rand Corporation, and the Daughters of the American Revolution supposed to get their information out to the people?

The liberals have owned the congress for 50 years! I don't know how we're going to get them to stop yammering about clean air, drinkable water, women's rights, helping the poor and the "plight" of of Third World workers. I mean, if some guy in Malaysia doesn't want to make my Nikes, he doesn't have to! I'm not forcing him! Let the market decide!

Haven't these people read the great Adam Smith, or Milton Friedman's Free to Choose which won a Nobel Prize? How many Nobel Prizes did Karl Marx win?

I'm with you, Frenchy. Together, maybe we can stop these communists from . . .from . . .from. . .uh . . .SAYING THINGS!

People think Marxism is dead, but it's alive and well on these pages. You and I have seen it! You can see how this these characters can't wait for the day when they'll start a communist society and --PRESTO!--the clothes will all look like the 1950's, all the women will have fat ankles and mustaches and we'll have to spend all day waiting in line for wilted cabbage!

But we're going to stop them, aren't we Frenchy? Good luck to you, brother. Keep up the good fight. And remember: SHOES FOR INDUSTRY!

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