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'fairness gene' anyone?

Posted by: bill on December 12, 1999 at 17:32:39:

In Reply to: Marxism and Spiritualithy posted by Bernard Flapdoodle on December 11, 1999 at 21:36:08:

I appreciate your post and support the need for a transformation of values. I don't think Marx is dated - particularly in his exposition of self-alienation as a consequence of capitalist economy.

Incidentally, re: "It is not much of a leap, therefore, to posit a sense of morality that is equally a natural part of being human."
I've posited (to no applause) the notion of a "fairness" gene, that it is "natural" to empathize, to experience compassion, etc., and that these "natural" tendencies are suppressed and ultimately extinguished by the necessity to compete and acquire. Since I don't happen to be religious, I prefer this more mundane approach.

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