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Posted by: Bill from Japan on December 12, 1999 at 17:33:29:

In Reply to: Yeah. Right. posted by Dr. Cruel on December 11, 1999 at 21:21:58:

: Japan had famines before their defeat by the U.S.; with their preset level of development, one would be hard put to find someone unemployed, let alone hungry. China, however, continued to have famines as late as the 1970's, and North Korea had a really bad one going on as late as last year. Vietnam's ability to poduce food continues to plummet, as the irrigation system put in place by U.S. AID workers continues to deteriorate.

: No, Frenchy. "Veganism" isn't the solution - "Reaganism" is. Until communists allow businesses to do something about the underdeveloped nature of these nations, however, all the lettuce eating in the world won't do the poor and hungry one bit of good.

Wrong, scumbag! Japan is beginning to have some unemployment problems, I know because I live here. They've begun to have these problems for a variety of reasons, on of which is that they're a capitalist state with socialist distortions, but these socialist distortions are being taken away, which is angering a large section of the public. In fact, the Japanese Communist Party (primarily reformist of course, not a revolutionary party) has been making some gains in parliament.

Of all the people on this site, you're the first to make me angry, and I hope to show everyone in this forum how how really horrible you are. I will do my best to be hell to you.

Bill Phalon--aka Porgie Tirebiter, Bo Diddley, Bernard Flapdoodle and Woody Holiday

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