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Is your memory that defective, Frenchy?

Posted by: Farinata ( L'inferno ) on December 12, 1999 at 17:56:25:

In Reply to: Huh? Oh, yes, it is lovely weather......... posted by Frenchy on December 11, 1999 at 21:20:13:

: : : Not sure here, what quote? What Nazi? Von Braun was a Nazi and he did have some good points.

: : Fred Rundle, of course? Don't you ever read what otehr epopel say? oh, i forgot, you're a capitalist, capitalists don't believe in free speech and free debate.

: Well, thanx for the compliment, but who the hell is Fred Rundle, and what did he say that I approved of?

Fred Rundle is the spokescum of the Aryan White Brotherhood (AWB); and in this message you repeated an article of his verbatim, including the immortal lines;

"That is merely another of the many plights of the White Race in present day South Africa - let it be a lesson to the Whites in other parts of the world as to what awaits them when the Nonwhites take over their countries.

We must not be surprised if our private possessions, accumulated over many years of hard work and thrift, are to be expropriated next, merely because some minister covets them and wants them.

The Whites must take this as a wake up call and say enough is enough. If we rally together, we can bring this government of depraved Communists to their knees. We should not be intimidated by this self serving, all consuming, government of former terrorists and their corrupt big business partners.

Our forebears went into this uncharted territory and tamed this country of savages and wild animals. How can we fail if we show the same faith and resolution as they did? The discipline and the ingenuity lies within our ranks and by closing ranks and standing together, victory is within our grasp."

Remember now, Frenchy? It was only 11 days ago, after all. Keep this up and you'll be able to emulate Ronnie too; and you won't even need Ollie North as a fall guy...


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