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When I said that I'd be fighting alongside them I didnt mean literally

Posted by: Lark on December 13, 1999 at 13:44:10:

In Reply to: No, Lark! Say it ain't so! posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on December 11, 1999 at 21:26:55:

: Lark I'm horrified.

No shit! Wait just two seconds I'll explain.

:As much as i disagree with Stoller and his strict marxist-Leninism, as much as I think that his system might lead to a high-handed approach and restrictions of freedom, I would still defend him, or any repressive Leninist system, against capitalist tyranny- epecially the artistocratic, Reaganite variety propounded by the good Doctor.

When I said that I'd be fighting alongside them I didnt mean literally, I meant we would on some things be of the same mind, EG that we'd both be opposed to leninism.

:Barry is not a Stalinist, he's a Leninist; though I disagree with both Leninism and capitalism, Leninsim is still by far the better alternative. It at least grants people some economic and social rights, while capitalism grants them neither political, social, nor economic rights. With all its faults, I still would defend Cuba against its attackers. Cuba was still better than its enemies.

Well, since I did serious research into the jailing and killing of trade union and democratic socialist opposition in Cuba I cooled on them quite a bit but if what your saying is that bad collectivism is preferable to even good capitalism then I'd agree to a certain extent yes.

: After all, I believe that a socialist dictatorship (a near-oxymoron, by the way), is inherently unstable because it empowers workeres and ordinary people, who will eventually move it towards a socialist democracy. A capitalist tyranny cxrushes resistance so effectively that there are no peopel left to reform it. Once you fall into the pit of capitalist tyranny it becomes near impossible to climb out. I know that this post has been rambling, so let me just make one point. Socialist tyrannies try to silence their critics and keep them out of power. Capitalist tyrannies dispense with the BS and just kill them. That was the lesson of El Salvador and other places across the globe.

I dont think you where rambling, I think Socialist tyrannies just kill them as well by the way, the fact is that in N.Ireland, which in some ways is a tyranny too, I mean I dont exactly have the freedom to act in a 'counter-cultural' way in some places in the north without injury or death, but I can hold socialist and libertarian views without arrest or punishment, the 'socialist' country in which this isnt the case can expect my opposition.

Nothing is nore injurious to socialism than the silence and complacency of Socialists in the face of injustice and oppression exacted in their name, nothing on this earth, in this life or the next, nothing at all.

I'm not lecturing you or anything NJ, I think your concern that I was being a bit soft on the capitalists was well put.

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