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What do you mean by freedom in general?

Posted by: Lark on December 13, 1999 at 17:13:03:

In Reply to: Whose 'freedom' are they fighting for? posted by Chuck on December 11, 1999 at 21:34:34:

: The capitalist class needs politics in order to protect its 'freedom' to exploit the working class. The working class needs politics in order to abolish this 'bourgeois' freedom.

Marxist simplicity, I'd read 'In Defence of Politics' By Bernard Crick and then think over what you'd written there.

: : Doesnt everyone know themselves what it is to be free?

: Don't YOU know that 'freedom' in general is a bourgeois selling point? Or do you still think SOCIAL CLASSES ARE IMAGINARY?

What do you mean by freedom in general? Do you mean liberty or negative freedom? If you do and they apparently mean nothing to, your a fool, I mean would you trade your place with the political prisoners in Nigeria, China, Cuba or the US? Or does your 'mere' freedom mean more to you than that?

Social Classes arent imaginary and there is a fairly terrible class war going on but anarchist or syndicalist perspectives on class war are better than marxist ones because they where invented by workers themselves not for them by some factory owner and his scrounging mate.

What is more important at present than your profession or income, with about half the 'grand proletariat' voting for neo-conservativism is what people believe, their culture, than who they are. If you must have a purely marxist one there's Gramsci.

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