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Slithering away from your smears, then?

Posted by: Stoller on December 14, 1999 at 10:24:09:

In Reply to: Arguments from intimidation posted by Gee on December 13, 1999 at 17:13:12:

No, I think MOST people are intelligent to know the difference between a vanguard party and a terrorist group.

Arguments from intimidation wont work here

Of course, with propagandists like you continually screaming that they're the same, efforts will need to be redoubled. . .

or here

No, you KNOW I've asserted here that the majority of the people must WANT socialism before it will happen, and that I've asserted here that the people NOT the vanguard will hold power in the revolution.

What YOU keep doing is insinuating that I champion terrorism and / or minority rule.

And that's bad debating technique---because it's just NOT TRUE.

You need those Rockefellers, Fords, Gorts and Gates to organise production for you to take it.

Stop with the Ayn Rand nonsense, please.

And certainly not here.

You keep neglecting HOW Rockerfeller (monopolist), Ford (Nazi sympathesizer) and Gates (monopolist) made their 'organized production' actually PRODUCE.

And that's labor.

Rockerfeller, Ford, Gates---you act like they were artisans or guild craftsmen. And that's hogwash. THEY 'ORGANIZE' THE EXPROPRIATION OF SURPLUS VALUE PRODUCED BY THE PROLETARIAT.

Most of the 'prodigious' science and technology that capitalists monopolize has been either invented under CONTRACT to them by scientific wage-workers or invented under government-subsidized research programs that the TAX-PAYERS provide.

Re read that list (well, miss out Gort if you like [Getting out of bed with him after all, eh?]) and review their personal histories and the specific advancements innovated and developed BY THEM in productivity, organisation and quality then try to dismiss them all as lottery ticket winners who just 'exploit' everyone else by virtue of their 'good fortune'

See my statement above.

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