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Posted by: Stoller on December 14, 1999 at 10:35:32:

In Reply to: Touche, Stoller posted by Woody Holiday on December 13, 1999 at 17:14:10:

: While capitalist America is indeed deeply racist, it is my belief that American capitalism is only INCIDENTALLY racist. That is, while we all know that the CEO's are overwhelmingly white males, American capitalism could have, say, 10% of its CEO's as Blacks, say another 30% or so as females.

Yes, and that may become a reality in a decade or two.

The 'neoliberal' ideal, of course, is that the 'free market' only acknowledges the color of money. Hence, the recent loosening of mainstream prejudices regarding gays. 'If you got the money, you're OK by us'---that's the neoliberal answer to discrimination. (Many liberals and postmodernists, as we all know, have provided the ideological shock troops to blaze this 'enlightened' path.)

However, we are looking at advanced capitalism when we examine this phenomenon.

The origins of capital, on the other hand, REQUIRED racism, nationalism, and ethnic chauvinism to realize certain goals. The United States may have been singular as regards slavery (in a capitalist economy), but not its (subsequent) oppression of a particular minority. Think of England's oppression of the Irish as well as English subjugation of many colonial peoples and you may see that the historic 'home of capitalism' differed from the U.S. only in that the U.S.---due to its size, perhaps---oppressed people within its own borders whereas England oppressed people outside its borders.

Of course, much of this OVERT oppression remains, a nd neoliberalism will eradicate discrimnation (except regarding money, of course!) so far only in theory.

So I agree with you (while adding those qualifications).

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