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Well, you know we all want to see the plan...

Posted by: Lark on December 14, 1999 at 14:51:02:

In Reply to: You say you want a revolution? posted by Lennon on December 14, 1999 at 10:32:44:

: : We need to REALLY get issues out in the open NOW so we can glimpse what sort of differences might emerge AFTER the revolution.

But if you want money for people with minds that hate, well brother you know your gonna have to wait...

: Sigh. Another hothead who believes his own propaganda. What revolution are you talking about, brother? There's a million guys like you out there, preaching revolution. In the end all it will amount to is a few individuals lying dead on the street and a small blurb in the back pages of the newspaper.

Come on man, dont be all cynical, get a cheeseburger in your frame and kick back and plan a street party without permission and then plan a revolution without planning or get accused of doing that anyway or play the board game of it (see the post by that cheeseburger, Santa).

It's all about the good life. How are we going to get it and live it, cheeseburgers, relish, mayonnaise and all,when some people are hoarding it and if, when, you make it there (New York, New York?) you've got to struggle to hang on to it and contemplate suicide if you slip of your privileged ledge?!! Or how are all we Thomas the tank engines going to go and see our mates at demos and concerts if we can't get the day of from the fat controllers? Huh?

Barry, doesnt say it very interesting, and I think he gets constapated about the way freedom should be but bottom line each and everyone of us has been deprived of our personal individual freedom and the damn fine goodlife (and cheeseburgers too, dont dare forget them, I mean I for one have fought hard in an up hill struggle to get the melty cheese and relish delights of charred meat on the political agenda!!).

: This isn't 1900. Any change you want will have to come through the democratic process, otherwise, you're just another terrorist with a plan and a gun and the personal conviction that he alone holds all the answers.

Sure but revolution can be fun, your right enough leave the violence and the pushing around and the bossyness out of it, we should take every opportunity to create a bit of happy havoc, where no one gets hurt, but everyone laughs at the despotic fat controllers and says we arent kicking back nearly as much as we should be, who can I vote for, telephone, write to, hassle and harrang to get things changed.

We could do worse that start with a cheeseburger each.

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