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Hold up, MDG

Posted by: Lark on December 14, 1999 at 14:52:53:

In Reply to: When I ask you questions, you only get angry. posted by MDG on December 14, 1999 at 10:23:55:

:I don't like your "You're either with us, or against us!" approach, because it's dictatorial.

Hold up, MDG, I think it's brilliant it gives the seditious rabble(join the dark side!!!) a monarch figure to oppose and fight, it makes the class war a material affair with concrete enamies, so we can move away from phase one of standing freezing our nuts of in parks munching the unhealthy colestoral bombs, that are the cheeseburgers (an army marches on it's stomach? That's a strange we army that, I march on my feet), to phase two of making the enamy look ridiculous and have such a good time sensationalising that everyone thinks I want to join in, sooner than you know it your not just carrying on your taking party in a world transforming revolution!!

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