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More frustrated insults?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on December 14, 1999 at 14:55:38:

In Reply to: Slithering away from your smears, then? posted by Stoller on December 14, 1999 at 10:24:09:

: No, you KNOW I've asserted here that the majority of the people must WANT socialism before it will happen, and that I've asserted here that the people NOT the vanguard will hold power in the revolution.

What you assert and how you project its progress are very different things. Check RDs posts on the same matter (voluntary assent to revolution) and note the key differences.

: What YOU keep doing is insinuating that I champion terrorism and / or minority rule.

What you champion is some kind of 'super party' which you consider necessary to get those (by implication hapless) proletariats' act together. Not only is it not necessary its also liable to be false leader-following reminiscent of Hitler's 'for the poeple' strategy. You can kid yourself it will all be genuine (what am I saying, it isnt going to happen anyway) if that comforts you but any party that gains popularity will quickly be filled to overflowing with powermongering individuals and groups.

: Rockerfeller, Ford, Gates---you act like they were artisans or guild craftsmen. And that's hogwash. THEY 'ORGANIZE' THE EXPROPRIATION OF SURPLUS VALUE PRODUCED BY THE PROLETARIAT.

(disregarding the exploitation concept) And you desperately need them to do so because that productivity is due to THEM organising it, not your fantasy committees.

You seem to forget that the transformation of material into value requires as pre requisite the organisation of activity and innovation of that transformation process.

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