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Go play on a freeway

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on December 14, 1999 at 16:20:33:

In Reply to: SDF's 12 ga. mouth overloaded by a .22 cal intellect. posted by Frenchy on December 14, 1999 at 10:31:51:

: I've told you many many times ace, I am a working guy, strictly blue-collar,

SDF: (imitating Frenchy, esp. w/ regards to Quincunx) Uh, I just forgot what you said. Could you repeat your role in life over and over again so I can continue to forget what it is?

: that's all I've ever done in this life, work for others. I'm hired to do a job, and do it. The last thing that I need is some squirt like you telling me what I need.

SDF: The last thing the nations of the South need is some squirt like you telling them what they need, i.e. the backwash of "a Reaganesque foreign policy". And that's most of the world's people.

: As a matter of fact the idea of an independent blue-collar guy is exactly what you hate the most.

SDF: You have NOTHING to support that last statement, which isn't surprising since you've been talking unsupported trash talk since you got onto this BBS. And you're not independent, either. You're as dependent as everyone else in this society.

: I'm the guy you wish you could represent.

SDF: Did I say I was for REPRESENTATIVE democracy?

: You still have never told us what your gig is. I'll bet the palms of your hands are as soft as a baby's ass. Your talking about stuff that you've never experienced, butch.

SDF: Frenchy, the liar who pretends to be an expert on MY life!

: To think for themselves is a hell of a lot different than being shown one side of the story;

SDF: Go back and read the story. The PEASANT brought up the idea of "the boss". He wasn't SHOWN anything!

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