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Spectre of misinformation, it seems.

Posted by: MDG ( PETA ) on December 14, 1999 at 16:22:23:

In Reply to: Spectre of what? Communism, or fascism? posted by Porgie Tirebiter on December 14, 1999 at 14:53:12:

: Spectre of what? Communism, or fascism? The various militias of the United States often contain ex-farmers who lost it all to the bank and agribusiness. I don't see those people drifting to the left. If anything, they equate agribusiness and the banks, along with the U.S. government, of conspiring to steal the land and place it into the hands of a small, elite group, and they readily call this process...communism.

: Yes, and here we get into the highly abstract arena of reference, one extreme of which Humpty Dumpty accuratly summed up as, "A word means what I want it to mean, no more and no less!"

: In a Kansas City diner last summer, I was given a book of matches, produced by Wiston cigarettes, which said "Even Communists Have the Right to Smoke!" I don't have any idea of what to make of that. Do you?

I'd say that's pathetic, except that Winston knows what it's doing: equating government regulation of industry in a democratic society, with totalitarianism. In other words, red-baiting. It reminds me of the time some years ago when I went to protest a pigeon shooting contest in Pennsylvania. Basically, the pigeons are crammed into crates, a rope pulls the door up, the pigeon wanders out, dazed and dehydrated, and before it gets a foot off the ground, it's shot. The cheering spectators at these events included Klansmen in their robes and hoods (they heard a bunch of nigger-loving kikes from New York were coming to protest). Anyway, I remember one shooter telling me that my protesting of his right to shoot pigeons for fun was "communism." That sums it up: ignorance of communism among the citizenry, promoted by elite vested interests. Sound familiar?

: By the way, is this so far down that nobody reads it?

Hell no! Some of these threads reach down into the Earth's core!

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