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I keep getting two insults for the price of one!

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on December 15, 1999 at 00:00:55:

In Reply to: Is this Gee's lowest smear ever?(better) posted by Stoller on December 14, 1999 at 16:20:05:

First - why did you put the title in third person? No one else is likely to be reading this. Ofcourse you may feel free to file the URL in your library and wheel it out at some future point to demonstrate your 'superiority'.

: : What you champion is some kind of 'super party' which you consider necessary to get those (by implication hapless) proletariats' act together. Not only is it not necessary its also liable to be false leader-following reminiscent of Hitler's 'for the poeple' strategy.

: Was Hitler a champion of job rotation? Especially for job rotation of state adminstration?

And that distinction somehow clears you wholesale does it? Like an Oswald Mosley saying he *doesn't* like dogs would obliterate the legitimacy of any comparison with Hitler!? I can offer a vangaurdist party like the one championed by Lenin which quickly became terror for the very people it supposedly 'served'. Where were the successful vangaurdists? Or is Leninisim, in its full 'glory' revealed by history, that which constitutes success?

: Your bogus, hateful insinuation is not only NOT conducive to reasonable debate but it shows the intellectual desperation you have finally reached.

You can't seem to end a post these days without the 'you fools, I'll destroy you all' mad man bit. Carry on.

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