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Carter is the last Democrat I would have voted for

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( DSA, MA, USA ) on December 15, 1999 at 16:41:18:

In Reply to: Once again you've nailed the nub of my gyst! posted by Bo Diddley on December 15, 1999 at 13:21:33:

: Once again you've nailed the nub of my gyst! Look at these pages--Stoller is consistently shameless in his support for Clinton. All MGD wants is a liberal congress and night basketball. Gee can't do anything but spout off Gary Hart cliches. Nickel Jack sounds like he voted for Jimmy Carter. Porgie Tirebiter can't stop yammering about how misunderstood Dukakis was. Chuck has openly admitted to planning the assasination of Kenneth Starr--in his words "for the good of the country." And Lark--my God--if he doesn't quit applauding the Kennedy administration I think I'm going to throw up!

: Keep 'em coming, Frenchy. Voices like ours have been silent for too long!

: Bo Diddley

Bo, i appreciate the uspport. But it was somewhat incorrect. I don't like or respect Most Democrats. But Jimmy Crater is a shining exception. Carter is the last Democrat I would have voted for; he is, in my opinion, our greatest postwar presidnet and the century's greatest with teh exception of FDR. My reasons for saying this are many, but for example let me supply two things he said.

In 1982, he said "El Salvador is teh bloodiest government in the Americas." If you read this in the context of the time, what he was saying is that El Salvador was teh worst governmnet around- a consistent capitalist, US laly. NOT cuba, NOT nicaragua. In other words, Carter had the courage to say frankly that it was OUR stooges which were murdering peasants in Central america, and that it was our responsibility to stop them.

Also, in the '70s, either Carter or his UN ambassador conceded that the US had no right to dictate terms to other countries. This admission of EQUALITY with the countris of teh Afro-Asian bloc, though it might have been unpopular, was necessary, and Carter was a courageous man to say what needed to be said, though people hated him for it. Carter, in general, placed truth above anticommunism, which makes him a hero in my book. Let's also not forget that Carter 1) brokered peace between israel and Egypt, 2) conceded the Panama Canal to the country which rightfully owned it, 3) was on good terms with teh socialist General Torrijos of Panama, 4) forced El Salvador to abandon extreme capitalism, including nationalizing banks, 5) supported the Sandinistas, 6) placed sanctions on South Africa, 7) encouraged human rights (for once), 8) spearheaded environmentalism.

In short, Carter demonstrates that sometimes, at least tehre is a major difference between Republicans and Democrats. Carter was a great man and a great leader. His record had been obscured because right after him came a devil, Ronald Reagan. I'd have voted for him. Clinton, on teh otehr hand, is neoliberal scum.

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