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How's the center of the earth look, Gee?

Posted by: Stoller on December 15, 1999 at 21:50:52:

In Reply to: bottoms posted by Gee on December 15, 1999 at 16:45:33:

Job rotation PREVENTS any possible usurption of the state apparatus by a minority.

I'm sure its meant to do that, but we're dealing with actual people here...

No, what we're 'dealing with here' is your attempt to EVADE democracy when it looks like you're not going to be in the majority.

This is the LOWEST smear ever .

I'm glad you liked it then.

I got a good one, too. Hitler was a vegetarian. . .

Then according to your logic of exemptions above all vegetarians must be Hitler. Got any other flawed arguments?

The 'flawed argument' (smear by inapposite comparison) is yours.

Ever heard of Godwin's Law?

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