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Sorry Barry, you can't rely on Hitler to support all your arguments

Posted by: David ( USA ) on December 16, 1999 at 00:43:29:

In Reply to: Ever heard of Godwin's Law? posted by Barry Stoller on December 15, 1999 at 21:18:16:

: Stoller :
: As I said here, the MAJORITY of people must want socialism before it can happen. Only the MINORITY (cancer cells) will be treated with force. The socialism that the majority wants will be 'implemented' by majority rule (which, admittedly, is called 'force' by those in the minority who are sore losers).

: : People cannot be given ability to vote away other people's rights. Barry, if ever your little brand of socialism takes root, it will be a dark day for mankind. In fact, I can smell the crematoriums of your "Job rotating workers paradise" already.

: What a hysterical and inaccurate post.

: 'People cannot be given ability to vote away other people's rights' indeed.

Oh Barry, I forgot, you seem to advocate fluid 'rights' that change everytime you think the mode of production as changed.

: In the work place, workers don't get to vote AT ALL on ANYTHING.

: Boards of directors---usually unseen men in tall, skyscraper suites and tinted-glass limousines---get to 'vote' all the time.

: Among the things they 'vote' on are whether or not to: fire thousands of American workers in order to move factories overseas where labor costs but pennies a day; install safety features on their products or (after some cost-effectiveness legerdemain) simply write off the probable wrongful death suits that arise from their shoddy design; conceal facts from consumers (tobacco); and (last but certainly not least) pollute the air and water that everyone breathes and drinks.

: These 'votes' are taken EVERY DAY BY MINORITIES.

Barry, you are engaging in false equivocation. There is a big difference from someone who owns a factory and decides it is more lucrative to move overseas than a group of desperate people in a depressed country deciding all of a sudden that the jews are a cause to all their problems.

: So your bleeding heart liberal imitation is not exactly fooling me.

: As an Ayn Rand supporter, I know that you champion the 'rights' of the minority (capitalists) to override the concerns of the majority.

No Barry, I champion the rights of people. The right for people to their own life.

: Which---as Hitler pointed out here---is fully compatible with CAPITALISM.

For christ's sake! You are actually using Hitler to support your argument!??! My god, do you actually believe everything that Hitler said?

: And---for fuck's sake---how could job rotation of the entire state apparatus lead to crematoria? Who would vote today today to kill themselves tomorrow? Have you taken leave of your senses?

They might not to vote to kill themselves, but I am sure that they wouldn't hesitate in your fab Utopia to kill those "cancer cells" that don't work hard enough.
How would you explain this?
"Force is also an option in the case of any individual's arrant refusal to perform an unskilled work quota." (See Message 1127)

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