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Assumptions and Presumptions

Posted by: MDG on December 16, 1999 at 00:44:21:

In Reply to: How about some decent work for EVERYBODY instead of classical music for A MINORITY? Or would THAT be 'fascist'? posted by Barry Stoller on December 15, 1999 at 21:17:42:

: Presuming that you read this post and this post and still reject the idea that even specialized workers can DO OTHER THINGS (like David does every time he shows up here on this debate board), I will have to say that my initial suspicions about you are being confirmed. . .

In my anger, I misread "presuming" as "assuming." My mistake. So I read your posts and my answer is, it might work, but I'm not entirely convinced just yet. How much physical labor and non-specialized labor must an individual due in order to study the (one allowed...hmmm) specialty field of their choice? Would this work in practice, though it sounds reasonable in theory? I'd like to explore this further...but not with you.

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