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Open reply comrade.

Posted by: Lark on December 16, 1999 at 12:12:52:

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:I love freedom.

And so do I.

: What I'm looking for is a system which offers the following:

: 1) A commitment to green politics, i.e., a sustainable use of resources, with paramount importance given to protecting and conserving the natural world;

The eco-socialism of Bahro is attractive to me, he advocated a kind of mix between primativeism, high technology earth saving methods and monasticism. There is then Parrot (or is it porrat?). Eco-Socialism engenders a far greater degree of libertarianism than any other socialism and you dont need to worry about work because they are also the most dead set against it.

: 2) A commitment to labor rights, human rights, and civil rights (with room for animal rights, should that movement to change hearts and minds finally succeed);

Cheers and ramblesome applause.

: 3) Diminishing the gap between the haves and have nots as much as is possible, so that no one is very poor, or very rich. Equality should be the ideal, not an afterthought; and

Once more.

: 4) An expansion of freedom to its greatest limits.

Rabblesome applause and cheeseburgers, actually I think fish and chips!

: You all are knowledgeable people, with insight into various philosophies. I'd like to hear from you if you think the system you champion can best meet my criteria. I'm open to anything: anarcho-syndicalism, Keynesian capitalism, socialism of a non-Marxist variety, the works. If I'm to commit my time, energy, and money to a cause, I want to be sure of it. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Well, in my opinion you got it all there wrapped up, I could say read 'ragged trousered philanthropists' by tressel a fantastic edwardian socialist novel or Bernard Crick's 'Defence of Politics' and 'Socialism' they're alright in a kind of Democratic Socialists of America sense.

Syndicalism is the best system ever, ever thought up whether it is in alliance with state socialism, like James Connelly or deLyon advocated or the real McCoy anarchy variety like D.A. de Santillan advocated in After the Revolution.

The best thing I think you could do right away is go to the Anarchist FAQ (not the anarchsit theory FAQ which is a capitalist front), even if it doesnt stop you voting or writting to politicians and minions (like me) it well give you insight into how things are.

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