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The EVIL of Social-ism

Posted by: Lark on December 16, 1999 at 12:24:14:

The mob is shit, the greatest posion is herd or mob poison, the greatest way to destroy independent thought or reason is to put someone in a damn crowd.

I think we should be as individualistic as any of us damn well can, great socialists and anarchists like Max Stiner, Daniel Gurin, Oscar Wilde etc. have know this because the class war is an echo of the struggle of the individual for resources, attention, status whatever and both must be brought to a complete end.

I've learned this through experience too, friends of mine have had to move house twice in Scotland because of a vendetta that no one remembers exactly how it began, the brother of a mate has had trouble a school because the 'establishment', there always is one isnt there even in the damn play ground, office, shopfloor, factory floor the damn social elite, have taken a hatred for him, I went to the barry last night and after getting incredibly drunk (there is no way a human being should consume more than their own body weight in rum, beer and wine) and deciding to sit aside and cool off with some water my 'mates' got a wasp up their ass and decided I was a while huffy solitary sod that had fallen out with them, one of them was so annoyed he accused me of making a him the butt of jokes all night over an episode where he made a comment to a mouthy girl that I was gay (I'm not, I'm a bit militantly anti-gay lib too, though not anti-gay).

The problem with capitalism is that it forces association, bad or false fraternity and ill society, we must struggle as an indiviual to acquire wealth and then struggle to defend it.

Yes, Society is the Mob, the Mob is hell, the mob is vendettta and civil war. Anarchists, even republicans or democrats, have championed society as an alternative to government, while government is evil, is at times the lesser evil because it isnt judgemental or prejudiced or ill tempered just calculating.

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