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Gee runs out of things to say

Posted by: Stoller on December 16, 1999 at 22:36:10:

In Reply to: What if you argued the same with Lark, Farinata and Gort? posted by Gee on December 16, 1999 at 10:56:57:

: First off. Youre not a 'forum lawyer'. It isnt necessary to present exhibits A, B and C then round of with an emotive damnation and the promise of seeing the blighter to a ten stretch in the pen.

I'll put together my posts as I see fit. You, I'm sure, will do the same.

And you CONTINUE to defend pollution (made by the minority).

: No Stoller you continue to appeal to consequences which may or may not happen as the basis for arguing the principle! I think you commented on my intellectual 'desperation' or something but this is far better!

No, let's look at the dialogue thus far. I said:

Paraphrasing Gee just a little:

I think the issue is that the effectiveness of a boycott is down to the individual buying decisions made by millions in the market place. Its this :

Votes to NOT pollute the environment : 51

Votes TO pollute the environment : 49

In fantasy 'democracy' [read: REAL democracy] pollution is STOPPED;

In market reality [read: capitalist anarchy] pollution CONTINUES.

Moral of the story:

Boycotts don't work; only state intervention can.

Then YOU said:

[W]hatever the 49 (or 29, or 89) wanted its tough luck - Stoller doesn't even seem to entertain SDF's consensual democracy - only statist guns will do. What the state wants goes, nanny knows best. 'What people want' is to be forcibly prohibited (and we all know how successful prohibition is) unless enough of them want it. The appropriate motto: Fuck the 49, and jail em if they say anything.

Is that NOT defending the 'rights' of a minority---in THIS CASE a minority who produces pollution?

If a minority pollutes and you defend a minority's 'right' to DO WHATEVER THEY WANT, then you defend the 'rights' of a minority to pollute.

And how do you respond to your latest intellectual defeat?

With nonsequiturs uttered by imagainary debating surrogates...

: Farinata: "I believe that super novae happen in spiral arms quite frequently"...

Etc., etc.

: btw - how would calling you a fascist and saying you have a point be the same thing?

Well, every time I prove your reasoning wrong, you tend to call me a fascist.

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