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The "Croatian Golgotha"

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The "Croatian Golgotha"

Benito Mussolini assisted Croatian leader Ante Pavelic in forming an independent Croatia (1941), sympathetic to Italy.
Free Croatia included Bosnia and Hercegovina. Its defense forces, the "Ustasha",were engaged in a bitter war defending
the civilian population against the Chetnik raiders of Gen. D. Mihajlovich who conducted an all-out"war of attrition" on the

When Germany was squeezed out of the Balkan, the Ustasha forces and huge masses of the civilian population sought
refuge in neighboringAustria to escape the terrible vengeance which Broz-Tito's Communist Partisans swore they will
wreak on them. The southern provinces of Austria and Istria fell in the British 8th Army's zone of military occupation
(1945). The British military government, ignorant of Communist doctrine, military objectives and "administrative
procedures", totally misjudged the character of Communism,the mood of Tito's Partisans, Serbian defiance of what the
rest of world may think of them, and the mortal peril for the Croats as a nation. This grave error in judgment resulted in
three of the most grievous postwar incidents in the civilized western half of Europe,outflanking by far the execution of
11,450 Polish Army officers,including two Generals, by the NKVD in Katyn Forest (*) near Smolensk(1940)!

(*) The West conveniently ignored the revolting events. The world was immune to the shock of such tragedies. Stalin's
experts in butchery,the NKVD, has massacred 14,450 Polish Army officers and men, among them two Generals and
many civilians, shot in the nape, their arms and legs tied, and buried them face down (!), stacked in several layers, in 9-12
feet deep trenches in Katyn Forest, near Smolensk (Spring,1940).

A. A considerable German army contingent (Wehrmacht, not Hitler's fanatical personal army, the Schutz Staffel, SS),
surrendered in the Trieste area to the British 8th Army (spring, 1945). The British commander insisted that the Germans
lay down their arms immediately.The German commander, in possession of intelligence information about Partisan troop
movements in the area, requested British security for his troops during the night until the disarmed men will actually be
processed into PoW status; failing that, the Germans should be allowed to keep their weapons for the night. Both
requests have been flatly refused. Tito's Partisans raided the German encampment during the night and massacred the
defenseless soldiers. News of the incident was suppressed by the military censors for the duration of Allied occupation of
Italy (Dec., 1947).

The Trieste area slaughter of disarmed German soldiers should have served as a memorable object lesson for the Allies. It
did not.

B. An estimated 50,000 Ustasha (Croatian soldiers), their families and civilian refugees, were encamped at the town of
Bleiburg, in southern Austria, near the reestablished Yugoslav border. The British military government denied international
refugee status to them, ordered the Ustasha to lay down their arms, then forced the defenseless multitude,against their
legitimate protest, to cross the border into Yugoslavia. Tito's Partisan units were poised on the Yugoslav side of the
border,waiting, and slaughtered them all (5-16-1945).

Other Ustasha army units and their families, converging on the city of Klagenfurt, southeastern Austria, were similarly
disarmed, then driven across the border into Yugoslavia. They were all slaughtered on th eway by Tito Partisans before
they reached the city of Maribor(Marburg), Slovenia. Eye witnesses estimated the number of victims ofthe massacre at
150,000. During the frenzy of the gruesome carnage,the Partisans chanted slogans like: "Croats must die so Yugoslavia
may live!" (U.S. Congressional Records, May 30th, 1960) (S. Sisa: op. cit.p.201)

The Croats lost an estimated 200,000 persons in one week, a mind-boggling mass of dead bodies on the pristine
sub-alpine landscape! The enormity of the loss to the four million strong Croat nation's biological stem can only be
grasped by comparison. If the USA had lost a commensurate proportion of soldiers in the war ofSouth-East Asia
(1965-73), the Vietnam Memorial Wall would now display 12.5 million names engraved in the shiny black marble!
American public opinion, with its keen value concept of each person's life, would find 1/10th of that figure already

To make the wound in the Croatian hearts even more acutely hurting, those abhorrent massacres were ordered by a
renegade Croat. "Marshal Tito" was born Josip Broz (1892-1980) in Kumrovec, of Croatian peasant parents. He was a
locksmith's apprentice before he took in mind to unite, by any violent means, Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Macedons,
Montenegrins, Albanians, Greeks, Istrian Italians, Hungarians, Germans, Bulgars and Turks, most of them against their
will, into an empire on the Balkan under his fist. Now the curator of his birthplace, converted into a museum, complains
that the memory of the great Marshal Tito has been relegated into oblivion in 13 years after his death. Well, the
remembrance of Abe Lincoln burns like an eternal flame, in wise quotes and deeds woven into festive speeches, countless
generations after his passing. But the Balkan people try very hard to forget the likes of Generalissimo Stalin, Marshal Tito
and "Conducator" Ceausescu. If they ever mention their names, it is in a curse. *

The German offensive reached Smolensk, and Russian peasants guided the German authorities to the mass graves. An
international commission of forensic physicians, medico-legal experts from 12 neutral nations -assisted by the Polish Red
Cross for legitimacy and authenticity of their findings - began the work of exhuming the mass graves(4-28-1943). The
Commission elected world-renowned Hungarian surgeon Prof. Dr. Ferenc Orsos (1870-1962) president. By statistics of
Polish authorities, the number of Polish martyrs buried in Katyn Forestexceeded 14,450.

The Allies were so embarrassed at the gruesome mass murders of their allies (Poland) by another ally (Russia) that they
took no notice ofit. Winston Churchill, head of the British War Cabinet, simply forbade the British press to even mention
the name Katyn. Polish emigrants erected a black marble memorial for the martyrs of Katyn Forest in a London cemetery
(1967), but representatives of the British governmentand the labor unions declined the invitation to participate at the
inauguration ceremony.

The Hungarian "Katyn Forest"

Simultaneously with the tragedy of the Croats, Tito's regime instituted a large-scale expulsion of Germans and Hungarians
from the Hungarian territories of Bacska and Banate (Vojvodina). Hungarian villagers were aroused from their sleep
during the night, rounded up in the village square half-dressed, empty-handed; they were driven to the Hungarian border
and shoved across. Many men of the Hungarian villages were still in British PoW camps in Austria, the lessfortunate ones
in Russia where they ended up inslave labor "gulags" in the forests of the frozen North where they perished, never
returned home.

At a village in the region of the city of Zenta, Banate of Temes, 8,000 rural Hungarians were driven by Serb
"dobrovoljaci" (Partisan volunteers) toward the international border with Hungary. At one pointon the march, the escort
detail was overtaken by boredom, so on their own decision they shot the Hungarian villagers in a bloody massacre and
flung their dead bodies into the swamps. It was characteristic of the mood of the Serbs after WWII - and obviously today
also - that the mass murderers needed no order, no permission to destroy whole villages, and did not owe an account to
anyone for their gruesome crimes!

The annals of 1944-45 noted many verified atrocities of this type in Yugoslavia, and Rumania, but there was no forum in
the world to hear and listen, nor any means for the innocently condemned to ever reach such a world forum of justice. All
together the innocent Hungarianvictims of Serbian atrocities surpass many times the 14,450 Polish Army officers and men,
enterred in mass graves in Katyn Forest, near Smolensk, on Stalin's order (1940)! Yet, Katyn Forest became an
embarrassment for the Russians later, an international scandal, a horror story when the Communist regime tried to attain
some respectability among the nations, and a symbol of national grief for Poland.

At the same time, uncounted thousands of Hungarians, slain by Serbian "dobrovoljaci", Rumanian "Maniu Guards" and
Ceausescu's "Securitate" executioners, have their bleached bones scattered in unmarked graves,from the swamps of the
lower Tisza and the valley of the upper Olt to the quicksand of the Danube Delta. Beside Hungarians in dispersion over
the world, no one cried for them with dry tears during nightmarish sleepless nights. No one hauled the war criminals to a
court of justice to respond for their beastly deeds against the conscience of the decent part of the world.

The Serbs proved it then, and prove it again these days - if anyfurther proof was needed - that they are the "ultimate
exterminators":they can carry on full-scale genocide without the least collective remorse! The unspeakable atrocities
committed by Serbian regular army units during their campaign of attrition against the Croats at Eszek(Osijek), Vukovar,
other cities and countless villages (1991), have been authenticated for posterity in video recording by teams of
newsgatherers of several nations. Old men have been butchered and their bodies mutilated, women have been massacred,
patients in the hospital hacked to pieces, babies smashed in their crib.

Someone is responsible, someone must answer for it. The artillery fire on civilian bread lines in Sarajevo, the attack on
marked buses loaded with small children evacuated by International Red Cross workers from the hell of the war, tens of
thousands of Bosnian men starved by design in death camps, the rape of Muslim women on military directives, the "ethnic
cleansing" on mind-boggling scale, all screamloudly for the prosecutor at the next war crimes tribunal.

The most revolting aspect of such a campaign of annihilation on agigantic scale is that violence is self-perpetuating: a
barbaric act clamors for equalizing retaliation; then the retaliation demands, for justice, its own counter strike. And the
episodes of violence blend into a chain, link into link, and no one wants to remember the sequence of causality: the hatred
and blood feud become asocio-cultural force of inheritance.

At very few times in history of men did so few cause so much grief in such a beastly way to so many innocent people as
the four million sanguinary Serbs did to Croats, Slovenes, Hungarians, Germans,Bulgars, Albanians, Italians in a short
period of time (1919-93).Discounting the crude antiquity when entire culture groups have been annihilated by barbaric
invaders, only Genghis khan's Mongol hordes, Joseph Stalin's KGB, Hitler's SS troops and Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge
could compete with the Serbs and Rumanians in efficient expertise ingenocide!


Political parties were prohibited to participate in the first post-war national elections of Yugoslavia (1945). (Why do they
insist on hypocritical formalities?) The Communist regime was thus approved by 80% of the votes cast. The USA, Great
Britain and, of course, Russia hurried to recognize Tito's dictatorship, and thus grant a measure ofinternational
respectability to it. The Communist regime terminated the monarchy, nationalized part of the economy, manacled the
Catholic Church, suppressed the opposition newspapers, liquidated all political opposition. Chetnik commander-in-chief
Gen. Drazha Mihajlovich was captured, indicted and convicted for "treason" and "collaboration with the enemy", and
executed with eight other leaders of the Chetniks(1946).

Croatian Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac (+1960), Roman Catholic Primate of Yugoslavia, was tried on charges of
"treason", sentenced for life imprisonment (1946). This was meant as a humiliation and control ofthe Croatian people by
fear. To demonstrate the solidarity of theChurch with the Croats, the Pope elevated Abp Stepinac to the rank of Cardinal

A Soviet type 5-year economic plan was adopted in Yugoslavia, although total failure of such system directed from a
desk was evident in Russia long before. Political purges against intellectuals raged nation-wide, "agrarian reform"
(expropriation of lands) was imposed on the peasants, and forced industrialization pursued (1947). Election ofthe federal
president, no longer the right of the federated nations,was restricted to the Serbian-controlled national assembly! (1953).
Leading "deviant" personalities with ideas of their own were struck down, and disappeared in the purges: vice-president
Aleksandr Rankovich, secret police chief Svetislav Stefanovich, and others. Party theoretician and author Milovan Djilas
was imprisoned for a long term (1955-66). Many writers were banned from writing and public speaking! Croatian
University Professor Mihajlo Mihajlov and hisstudents, demanding equal rights for the use of Croatianlanguage, were
sentenced to prison.

With the cooperation of Jawaharlal Nehru of India and Gamal Abdel Nassr of Egypt, Tito initiated the formation of
"non-aligned nations"as a "third-world" balancing act between the Communist block and the Western world. The alliance
consisted of 21 member nations in Asia,Africa, and Cuba (1954).

Tito attempted to arrange for a steel-gloved successor, able to smash any thought aimed against his construct of "national
Communism" consuming Yugoslavia. His death (1980) signaled the beginning of the end for an era of many captive
nations in the Serbian purgatory.

Note: Several Slavic languages using the Latin script, signal the sound "ch" (chick) by writing a "c" with a minuscule "v"
superscript. Likewise, the sound "sh" (shop) is marked with an "s" and the same "v" superscript. Where these special
letter symbols are not available, it is customary to supplant them with a "ch" or an "sh" respectively,like in this text
previously: Radic, Machek, Pashich, Miloshevich.

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