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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on December 17, 1999 at 20:01:27:

In Reply to: Velly intelesting posted by MDG on December 16, 1999 at 22:37:38:

: I'm starting with the assumption that a group of people will always organize themselves into a governing body in order to accomplish mutual goals, i.e., there will always be a government.

Probably - but what gives said governemnt the right to compel goals 1-3 upon people who may not want them, and see their #4 compromised under the compulsion?

1) your freedoms end where mine begin;

Which means yours ended where their's began?

and (or?), 2) consenting adults may do as they like so long as their actions do not harm others.

So we have decide what constitutes consent and harm.

: In some of your posts I've detected a whiff of Robert Heinlein. Are you a proponent of his observation that (to paraphrase) "democracy is based on the assumption that 100 men can make a more rational decision than one man -- come again?" What's your prescription for this troubled world?

Nice quotation!

I dont come with a prescription really. I do think that people left to their own devices to more good than people compelled by various groups under threat of direct force. I dont buy 'govt is good'. if people left alone are evil why would govt be good?

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