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most social revolutionist ideas are only entertained by students

Posted by: Vannevar ( Uneducated Souls, Australia ) on December 19, 1999 at 19:11:53:

In Reply to: No reason to expect that the college educated would endorse job rotation posted by Barry Stoller on December 16, 1999 at 10:53:37:

: Only 23% of the American population receive education at a Bachelor's level or above (Statistical Abstract of the United States 1996, table 243, p. 160).

While your plan is quite noble, the amount of resistance both from the "elite" and the unskilled masses who you wish to save would make your plan very hard (if not impossible) to implement.

On thing that you may consider is the fact that most social revolutionist ideas are only entertained by students who are part (or soon to be part of) the "educated elite". These people are the only ones with the education to realise that there is a better way of doing things than the current system (student revolutions are abundant everywhere).

Also, while you are quick to point out that these people will obviously be opposed to the Job Rotation scheme, and any revolution in general, you missed the point that this is probably the area where most support for it will be gained.

The unskilled masses, for lack of a better education and thusly a better understanding of the way things are, will buy the media/corporate government line which will dub you as a "commie" and leave the people you wish to save muttering the words "better dead than red" - you would be defeated before you started.

I know that I have made rather wide generalisations, but I believe what i have said to be mostly true - I myself am not college educated (and my writing skills arent the best as you can tell) - but you have cut down people before about "utopian bliss" and the like.

While your proposal for a better system for all is good and as much a "flight of fancy" as some other people on this board I think that your solution will meet just as much opposition as any other, and that the enemies of your solution are not who you seem to be indicating.

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