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Setting the record straight.

Posted by: Frog's Friend on December 20, 1999 at 15:37:13:

"Frog" was my houseguest this weekend. I read through your responses to her message, and want to point out the following:

a. Frog works as a court-appointed attorney for poor, abused and neglected children. Her work brings her into the poorest, most dangerous parts of the city.

b. Frog's husband is a co-director of a medical clinic for the poor.

c. Frog is a staunch environmentalist.

In other words, Frog is very aware of the problems you all speak of. Your responses to her, ranging from false assumptions to immature insults, underscored her main point: self-styled revolutionaries who believe they alone know the truth, and who look with pity and anger upon the rest of society, especially te middle class (whom they believe to be blissfully or willfully ignorant), need to grow up.

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