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Posted by: Frenchy on December 21, 1999 at 11:15:14:

I just broke a cardinal rule; I went to one of Samuel Day Fassbinder's links. He referred it to me to support his allegation that the government spends 50% of revenues on the military.

Well, they 'prove' it, after a fashion, but that's not what I want to bring your attention to.
There used to be a bulletin board at that site, like this one I guess. Except that it's no longer there. Duh? Wha' happen'?
Seems that the people who this board attracted disagreed a lot! Imagine! Get some weasel draft dodger to put up a board and he's surprised that others, possibly some who wore a uniform, would disagree with them, maybe even call them names. Well, you can imagine what kind of names. YUCKY!
Anyways, to me that says a lot about the left; Freedom for me and FFFFFu.
Have a nice day.
Peace and Love.
Tune in turn on drop out.
Up against the wall MMMMMMMFFFFFFFr.
Burn baby burn.

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