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Ergo, Barry, that makes you the evil Lex Luthor.

Posted by: MDG on December 21, 1999 at 16:18:32:

In Reply to: MDG: liberal Clark Kent looking for a phonebooth? posted by Stoller on December 21, 1999 at 00:00:10:

: Stoller:
: 'Helping' the poor and sharing some of the mindless, degrading work that the poor have to do are TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS.



: Your good intentions are good---but they are also CHARITABLE. I am interested in a society where everyone HELPS THEMSELVES instead of waiting for liberals (who enjoy some of capitalist society, while impugning the rest) to 'help' them like parents.

In other words, let's teach these children to act as their own lawyers?
I guess that might work...

Seriously, though, there are two flaws in your argument:

1) In any society you can conceive of which operates under the rule of law, there will always be a need for trained counsel to represent the interests, when those interests are threatened, of those unable to represent themselves, such as infants, the mentally incapacitated, and animals; and

2) As I said before, we are dealing with society as it is NOW, not in some future, better incarnation, and in the HERE AND NOW, court-
appointed attorneys (i.e., gov't sponsored charitable legal services) for abused children are a stark necessity. As you probably know, those services are consistently underfunded and under-resourced, but people like my wife put up with the shit anyway because they were committed to the cause.

: Don't you get it?

Often; how about you? ;)

: P.S. As far as 'blathering on a electronic chatboard' goes---why is it OK for YOU to do so, but it's somehow NOT OK for me?

Better check those sights on your Kalishnikov, comrade, you're wide off the mark. If I'd been comparing you to ME, then you'd have a point. However, I was comparing your societal contributions to those of my wife.

Now Barry, you just love to call me a liberal, even though I've consistently stated that I'm a leftist who is looking for an alternative to corporate capitalism, which I believe is a grossly unjust system which is rapidly, and perhaps irrevocably, destroying the planet. If you're going to persist in such name-calling, try to do it like the conservatives do: picture George Bush accusing Michael Dukakis, in that nasally voice of his, of being "a taxxx and spennd liiberal." Better yet, adopt the tactics of the right wing nuts and just call me a "lib," as in, "you libs chased God out of the schools!"
Considering that liberals have been in the forefront of the struggle for civil rights, environmentalism, human rights, animal rights, workplace safety, labor rights, and a host of other progressive causes, I can understand the right's antipathy to liberalism. Unless you share their opposition to those causes, I can only guess that you equate liberalism with a support of capitalism, in which case, I refer you to the first line of this paragraph.

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