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Rotating propaganda from a demagouge

Posted by: Stoller on December 21, 1999 at 23:04:20:

In Reply to: Rotating Candy from a baby posted by Gee on December 21, 1999 at 15:00:47:

: If one person on Earth is 'allowed' to be a brain surgeon exclusively then there will be social division of labor - and that much more portering to go round.

Please refer to this post to see the above misstatement refuted...

: Ofcourse thats how a nasty socialist state might work. Privilage for the party members and enforcers, and rotation for everyone else...

Another crude smear. Please see this post to see such blatent lies exposed...

: You have noted that many people, college grads for instance, do not like the above idea. That represents alot of people.

No, as I've pointed out MANY TIMES BEFORE, those holding a B.A. or above are ONLY 25% of the American population.
The vast majoruty of Americans working MONOTONOUS, LOW-PAYING JOBS rather like the idea of education for all and a state they can actually control.

: I would suggest that those who disagree with obligatory job rotation are, and will increasingly become (as specialisation continues to develop), of such number that no enforcement save the most savage will be enough to ensure the obligation is properly served.

'Specialization' continues to develop, all right---providing that we call cashiering, janitoring, sales, and waiting tables specialized work.

: So it is a voluntary scheme - it has to be because any significant level of disagreement will quickly wreck the system...

If you're so keen on a 'voluntary scheme,' why don't you ask all the capitalists you revere so much to PUT AWAY all their soldiers and cops and then we'll see how well this happy neoliberal thang goes---eh?

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