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It all comes back to job rotation

Posted by: David ( USA ) on December 24, 1999 at 10:11:44:

In Reply to: Let's settle for a firm handshake posted by Stoller on December 23, 1999 at 18:39:51:

: Therefore I do advocate that the MAJORITY of proletarians overthrow capital's social relations.

: By necessity, this means that the MINORITY of capitalists (and labor aristocrats) will have to be suppressed. As I have said before, this 'suppression' will involve little more than withholding the means of production from the minority IN THE SAME MANNER that the minority today withholds the means of production from the majority. No work, no food.

Invariably, the problem associated with all revolutions and uprisings is that they can get real bloody real quick. Castro's revolution was haled as a wonderful peaceful one until in the following weeks there were increasing amounts of anti-revolutionary cleansing.

: Does this 'make it right'? Not to the minority. They WILL miss the privileges previously held. But it does 'make it right' to the majority---who, don't forget, have actually CREATED the privilege FOR the capitalist minority in the FIRST PLACE by dint of their labor.

: Once the dust settles, and class distinctions have been effaced, job rotation will assist in creating a social climate in which EVERYONE finds shared interests. Because everyone will be doing (more or less) the same work. And---need I mention this again?---one of those shared jobs will be SELF GOVERNANCE.

What I am interested in is how would jobs be rotated? Would it be Ad Hoc or would there be a sort of comittee to determine that? Would people have specific quotas of hours worked in certain areas of work? For instance, would you classify jobs and then say people have to work 15 hours a week in a certain area and 15 hours in another area?...etc

: P.S. Tell your sister that it DOESN'T MATTER if 'my stats' demonstrate EITHER the cause or the effect of inequality; either cause OR effect demonstrates that inequality exists.

She was trying to point out that your idea of a bourgeoise conspiracy had holes in it. It would also reflect the supply and demand of our economy.

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