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Disappearing cod

Posted by: MDG on December 30, 1999 at 10:54:27:

In Reply to: Frenchy has news articles he read from free-marketeers; they must be true! posted by Farinata on December 29, 1999 at 11:55:21:


: Fact; animal species are sensitive to climate changes; especially ones that interfere with their normal living. Which is why there aren't many Atlantic cod any more; they're retreating to more northerly waters.

It's important here to mention that oceanic warming, when combined with driftnet fishing and other mass extraction of sealife by floating fish factories, are also decimating cod and other marine life (both those consumed by people, and "trash" animals killed in the process and then discarded). While halting and reversing global warming is imperative, so are changes in the human diet, to wit, we must stop eating fish before the fish disappear. Here's a link (would one of you cyber whizzes please tell me how to create a hyperlink? Thanks):


McSpotlight: It's simple; I'll show you the syntax, but replace the triangular brackets with normal ones (or you won't see the link as such!). The HTML tag is

(a href="http://www.greenpeace.org/~usa/reports/biodiversity/sinking_fast/codside.html")wibble(/a)

- 'wibble' is the word you want the link to appear as; a blue underlined 'wibble' to be precise; just replace the normal brackets with triangular ones.

The two things to watch out for are i) always remember both sets of quotes in the link i.e. (a href="....") and ii) always close your tag with (/a); or it will just assume that the rest of the message is one big link.

Hope this helps,

Rex, McSpotlight.

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