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Serious as a heart attack.

Posted by: Frenchy on December 30, 1999 at 11:22:11:

In Reply to: I hope you're not serious, Frenchy posted by MDG on December 29, 1999 at 10:53:25:

: :If anyone had told me 20 years ago how much I'd dislike my gov't I'd've told 'em they were nuts. HA! Look at me now. I'm ready to celebrate Timothy McVeigh Day.

: Frenchy, I lost colleagues in Oklahoma City. People who had just shown up for work after kissing their spouses and children goodbye for the day. They weren't evil government taskmasters; they were clerks and progam analysts and lawyers and book-keepers and yes, probably some managers. If you were serious about celebrating what McVeigh did, say so now.

: Government is not the enemy, you know. Government is US, the people. Corrupt politicians are the enemy. Learn the difference.

I understand exactly who the people were who died in OK city. They were the very same people who died at WACO. In both cases they were all innocent. Same as the people who were murdered at Ruby Ridge by government agents.
You look at me like I'm crazy? Fine. Does that mean you support the US government killing close to a hundred people who did nothing wrong? What about those lives? There were children and husbands and wives who died there too. Are you saying that some people's lives are worth more than others? Are you even aware of the lies that the BATF et al had to concoct to cover up that wonderful little massacre? And as time goes on, the lies are being discovered.
Before you look down your nose at me maybe you ought to brush up on the subject matter.
By the way, we honor revolutionaries all the time here in America. The Minute Man Statue at Concord, the Boston Tea Party fake brig Beagle in Boston, Old Ironsides in Boston, the Old North Church and it's part in Paul Revere's ride, Paul Revere's house in Boston.
Those guys were also classified as terrorists by the British, remember?
As I said, if someone had told me twenty years ago that I'd feel the way that I do towards my government today, I'd'a said they were nuts.
You celbrate your holidays the way you want and I'll celbrate my holidays the way I want.
Think of it as my contribution to 'diversity'.

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