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Sobered up? Guess who there's no craic with this season!!

Posted by: Lark on January 10, 19100 at 10:26:04:

In Reply to: Sobered up (but no wiser) posted by Stoller on December 30, 1999 at 10:48:43:

: Since talking to Red Deathy I have discovered that most of your 'liberty in the workforce' 'ad hocary' hoo-hah has simply been a simplified version of his Morrisian distortion of Marxism.

It's not actually if you consider, as it would appear, that marxism is synominous with socialism then it is socialism plus freedom, the original phrase I'm fondest of was something like 'Freedom without socialism is inequity and injustice, Socialism without freedom is brutality and slavery' by Bakunin actually, who was vindicated by the actions of your great 'workers state' however Morris was spot on with his libertarian version of socialism too.

Please see this post for the details. The utopian infatuation

Now why exactly is it utopian? Marx considered predetermined plans (not planning I've wrongly been identified with anti-planning and spontanious sentiments) utopian so my trial and error views would not have been faulted by him. Aside from Marx the capitalists beleive your ideas utopian and your fond of calling me a liberal, now if I'm supposedly more pragmatic than you surely I'm less utopian.

That is unless you where using the term liberal as a form of abuse.

:you share with RD regarding anarchistic production is nothing less than a slap in the face of the one thing that socialism is predicated upon, industrialization.

I dont exactly understand what you mean by anarchistic production Barry I'm concerned with erradicating the alienation that each feels in labouring away senselessly under the management of others whether they are capitalists or 'reds'.

As to your infatuation with industrialisation, I think socialism predates industrialisation because logically where the class war preceeds the righteous opposition preceeds also, also have you thought how intensive industrialisation is equally as dangerous to human develop as luddism?

:See also this post.

: As far as name-calling goes, aren't YOU the champ when it comes to name-calling?

Not exaclty, I cant manage the fancy pants nonsense click here and go things you do but if I could I'd show all the insuations about nazism, opportunism, pragmaticism/liberalism etc. that you have made and my righteous retaliations.

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