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Reasoned Evil

Posted by: septimus ( Aus ) on January 10, 19100 at 12:34:11:

This century of reason has seen the greatest evils ever done to human by human and all of the systems are equally to blame.
The cult of reason is the root of the problem. The rational system forces the individual to deny his humanity. The military, government and business have all succumbed and demand 'rational' behaviour in spite of its glaring failures.

Communism, Capitalism, Fascism - it's all the same thing. You're all going over the same old ground again and again, having the same arguments. Nothing is ever proven to work, nothing is ever proven to be a mistake. None of your ideas work according to the theoretical models and no-one ever accepts failure. It's time to move on.

Read Voltaire's Bastards by John Ralston Saul and then maybe then you'll uderstand.

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