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the pointless existance that we worship called money

Posted by: TMH ( TRIAD, BROOKLYN ) on January 10, 19100 at 13:02:25:

why is it not seen? I find it amazing that even such revoltionary minds who theorize of developed political ideals have not come to the broad realization that our existance in this materialistic, money oriented society that we call capitalism is simply pointless and sadly wrong. Some have recognized the fact that our whole existance is based around the struggle for money. It is the ultimate goal in life. We are placed into the educational system before our earliest memories. We soon find out that this system teaches us for the sole purpose of finding a job once we have finished our education. Then for the remainder of our life we work until we are to elderly to continue.An entire life all for what? It is completely based on the truth that in this world you can not survive with out making money. Money becomes the focus of not only society but your personal life goals. With this money you are given the basic human rights to obtain food and shelter. If one does not follow the pursiut of money you do not have the right to obtain food and shelter or any other basic human needs. So what is this object that we call money which we hold so high, which has become our god, our sole purpose for existance, which we build our largest monuments of society for(bank and trade business skyscrapers) It is (in America) nothing more than a green piece of paper. Man created in every aspect, not something of any importance to our true existance, which man has severely lost sight of pursuing (whatever one may see our purpose as), but yet we all blindly follow this system because we are given two choices. We can either follow this petty transparent existence or die of starvation. Now of course we are not presented with this fact so bluntly but when you break it down it is qiute disgusting. So, instead of thinking of different alternative political systems that still cling on to the ideas behind money, I feel we should look for another option. One that allows us to exist as an inspired society in search for purpose and meaning instead of utterly pointless devotion to a cause that with out any doubts in all of our minds is empty and without true reasoning. I may vision idealistically but I feel that this view is more realistic to our existance than the system we are currently captured in. Before moving on and without going to in depth, I would like to state that this idea of such a society is not complete and merely a thoery and I invite people to poke wholes at points where it does not realistically work. This society I envision is basically the same as todays but existing without money. First off, everyone in this society must have a passion for something. After basic schooling this passion will be developed and ultimately the individual will have a choice in choosing their career they love. This will eliminate people being stuck in jobs they hate or even dislike remotely as so many people are stuck in them today just to make ends meet. This will in effect eliminate many menial jobs that are necessary for this world to function (ie. factory jobs etc.)These jobs can be replaced with technology. Even if we do not have the technology at this moment it is not because we can not create it but because we have not invested enough money in doing so which is not a factor that restricts such a society. This would also cause for pushes in such fields as science, especially in research and development. Every person who follows their passion is given the right to everything they want or need. Of course resonable limits upheld through democracy would now have to be enforced on material items but I do truly feel that this society would eventually lose its overindulgent materialistic desires anyway. Why would this society not perform up to its ability if each individual is pursuing their own personal passion for life while recieving all the benefits, mostly more benefits, that we need and want in life? Undoubtingly, a certain redistrubution of jobs would occur but most of the jobs that would lessen in attendance are not neccessary anyway and are just a testaments to capitalism in an abundant and wastefull society, enough people I feel would still love to farm and do other jobs absolutely neccessary for the world to continue. The only problem I see as a possibility is a fear of an overdependence on technology. This existance I feel is empowering and is a true test of the human races ability to exist and function. I am deeply concerned with our current state of being, we are killing the planet, eachother, and worst of all our minds our greatest gift

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