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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on January 10, 19100 at 13:10:05:

In Reply to: Nothing slippery about my quotes posted by Stoller on December 24, 1999 at 10:11:52:

: No page number, eh? Just like Lark with his Crick quote: you throw off a one-liner and I'm supposed to go fetch it like a good dog to see whether or not YOU yanked it out of context? No thanks, dude, I know Trotsky's thinking well enough, thank you, to know that you are painting an innaccurate picture of the man.

No, he was a vanguardist fucker, it simple enough- militerisation of labour mean anything to you? White Generals in teh red Army? Wearing a swanky military uniform? eh?

: I'm sure the line is there; it's the lines BEFORE AND AFTER it I'm interested in.

I recall the lines before and after, asnd I assure you I'm not taking it out of context.

:{The evil one} The task of the Communist Party is to lead the proletarian revolution. In order to summon the proletariat for the direct conquest of power and to achieve it the Communist Party must base itself on the overwhelming majority of the working class.(1)

Exactly: base itself on the majority, but the revolution is still made by the minority. he was a vanguardist.

: You know, I could come up with these quotes all day long---year, edition, page numbers and all...but you've already made up your mind about (against) the Bolsheviks---so why don't we give it a rest?

Indeed, bunch of arsholes, and its a decision based on evidence, evidence available to teh Socialist Party at the time...

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