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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on January 10, 19100 at 14:47:56:

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: The proper position should be class war preceeding no class war, post class war or classles society regardless if the previous order was fuedal, capitalist, 'socialist' or dictator orientated.

It seems then that you consider socialism to be possible proceeding from almost any past - to be truly revolutionary, not dependant upon whichever mode came before.

: There is truth in what you say but as work becomes obsolete through technology etc. what will the unemployed do?

People have been made unemployed by technology - what happened to them? They got other jobs. Observe the trended unemployment rate and GDP per head rate to see that there was no mass scrapheap.

: I dont know what kind of total shift you need Gee, I've got a few qualifications in business and a lot of workplace physcologists and motivational/behavioural experts have been saying that more autonomy and comfort less tyranny really motivates people more than money, at least that's what they say, it's maybe what business people want to hear, but if it's true it counts in our favour man.

Its received with mixed enthusiasm ("jeez another excuse to avoid paying more") among working people and managers ("jeez, I thought we could motivate them not babysit them") alike. Its true to an extent, and a different extent in different people - I wouldnt apply it as a universal law.

: Indeed in agreement or in opposition? I'm opposed I think an accurate portrayal of socialism and liberty/freedom can be seen in Star Trek the next generation, the strollerites are the Borg, RD and co. are the federation, you could be a ferengie and me, well I'd probably roam the galaxy in a wee solitary ship reading books and writting notes.

I want you to read this link concerning star trek, then think over the above again!

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