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Do capitalists ponder whether history is ready for capitalism?

Posted by: Lark on January 10, 19100 at 17:00:55:

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: It seems then that you consider socialism to be possible proceeding from almost any past - to be truly revolutionary, not dependant upon whichever mode came before.

Oh definitely!! Do capitalists ponder whether history is ready for capitalism? Can an agarian backward society, a fuedal society, a dictatorship industrial society all become capitalist? Yes, then why not socialism?

The question is class division and class struggle, occasionally lapsing into class war when the underdogs have enough of the rulers as in the Paris Commune or the 1989 overthrow of 'communism', or not, human harmony, order and peace. There's nothing else to it, all else are excuses made up by 'scientists' trying to explain how they are perpetually wrong about the 'inevitable revolution'.

: People have been made unemployed by technology - what happened to them? They got other jobs. Observe the trended unemployment rate and GDP per head rate to see that there was no mass scrapheap.

Possibly but the work is crap Gee, why invent tasks perpetually? Instead we should seperate income, that is the means of subsistance and work altogether, however I'm a bit cynical about lazy bastard humans so I'd connect it to a national scheme of community or public service, improving the environment or researching ways to improve human health.

: Its received with mixed enthusiasm ("jeez another excuse to avoid paying more") among working people and managers ("jeez, I thought we could motivate them not babysit them") alike. Its true to an extent, and a different extent in different people - I wouldnt apply it as a universal law.

Fair enough, it's important not to generalise about motivation but the most popular motivational tactics in capitalism are not pay increases would you agree?

: I want you to read this link concerning star trek, then think over the above again!

I'll just check that out now.

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