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Posted by: Lark on January 10, 19100 at 17:05:17:

In Reply to: eh! posted by Gee on January 10, 19100 at 13:28:46:

: : I dont believe that the in 'market forces' the same way I dont believe in sun worship, it's a myth and a pusedo-religious lie.

: Nor do people who speak of market forces!

That's badly worded, what I meant was that market forces, the theory that the market is democratic is the same as the theory that God sends the rain rather than environmental shit, they are equally nonsenseical.

: : It whole issue of 'market forces' is that it is supposedly spontaneous and natural, what nonsense, just like the rain magically falls or is sent by God.

: It assumes that market forces is the complex model which results from the individual economic decisions of all people - it isnt something apart from them!

Well, we have the invisible leviathan, the invisible dictatorship of an economic oligopoly internationally then and without government or popular intervention we will not have anything other and why when given the far better non-capitalist alternative would anyone argue for capitalist reform (that's real reform not mere laissez faire that would only help the oligopolists).

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