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Posted by: Stoller on January 10, 19100 at 18:40:43:

In Reply to: For Barry... posted by Red Deathy on January 10, 19100 at 13:02:32:

I am primarily comparing skilled work with unskilled work.

: The distinction verges on the nonsensical, all work is to some degree skilled...

What!? All work is 'to some degree' skilled? Have you ever spent 6 hours a day at a cash register? 8 hours cleaning bathrooms? Or didn't your college ever let you have a taste of that sort of 'skilled to some degree' work? The distinction between skilled and unskilled work is paramount.

: yes, indeed, but say, in a shoe-production co-op, I and my team would decide to produce a batch of shoes, and we might well follow it from the start of teh process to the end, performing different jobs along the way, ad hoc division of productive labour.

See my post on craft-idiocy.

: Industrial production does not necessitate Fordism.


You would return society to preindustrial artisanship? Such a mode of production could only provide for minorities. To reject the industrial revolution is simply insane utopianiam...

: Which is precisely what I was saying about abolishing all those useless jobs, which will free up people to do productive work, but productive work should be made as fun and enjoyable as possible, oour factories would be our cathedrals, our entertainment zones, places of pleasure.

If you say so... but it sounds like you haven't had much exposure to work...

If artisanship is really the answer, Bill, how come socialism didn't emerge out of feudalism? You are forgetting the ABCs of dialectical materialism...

Lose the Morris, Bill. Get back to Marx.

: Morris was a fine Marxist, a better one that Lenin and his bastard get.

Who are you trying to fool? Morris wasn't a Marxist at all.

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